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The Last Word

Outer Range on Prime Video. Pictured: Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott.

Josh Brolin – Outer Range The western genre faded into the background for a few decades, but now, with shows like this and Yellowstone, it’s wildly popular again. Why is that? I don’t know. We dealt with the same thing with No Country. People wanted to shelve that movie so much, but the fact that it was the…

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Loot on Apple TV+. Pictured: Maya Rudolph as billionaire Molly Wells.

Maya Rudolph – Loot Is it a tough tonal balancing act to have all this absurdist comedy, but also imbue the story with genuine heart — to have us really care about Molly? I think it is, but it’s always been what makes the show the show. It constantly reminds the audience that if you’re on a…

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X-Men ’87 on Disney+. Pictured: JP Karliak

JP Karliak – X-Men ’97 This is an atypical sort of “reboot,” given that it’s still set in the 1990s. Why is this the right time to go back to ’97? Is there ever a bad time to go back to the ’90s? [Laughs] I mean, it makes sense for a whole bunch of reasons. One, I think,…

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Bob Marley: One Love, on Paramount+ & Cable On-Demand. Pictured: Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch.

Lashana Lynch – Bob Marley: One Love Biopics often become formulaic, forcing their subjects into a pre-existing genre mold. Does One Love avoid the pitfalls? Myself and Kingsley, and I’m sure many on the team, were aware that this needed to be an almost “through the keyhole” experience into Bob’s psyche — his emotional journey, how he created as an…

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