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Lashana Lynch – Bob Marley: One Love

Biopics often become formulaic, forcing their subjects into a pre-existing genre mold. Does One Love avoid the pitfalls?

Myself and Kingsley, and I’m sure many on the team, were aware that this needed to be an almost “through the keyhole” experience into Bob’s psyche — his emotional journey, how he created as an artist, and how he expressed his feelings or was challenged in not being able to freely express his feelings. I personally wanted to be a part of something that felt like we almost shouldn’t be watching this — because it’s someone’s real life that just happens to be onscreen. That’s a lot more interesting than something that’s going to be just a showing of their life; I always feel like that’s a little disrespectful. The way in which we went about it was almost like a documentary of certain parts of his life.

Bob Marley: One Love, on Paramount+ & Cable On-Demand. Pictured: Lashana Lynch and Kingsley Ben-Adir.
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Is there a risk, when playing a real person, of doing an impersonation rather than building a character?

I think once you’ve gotten over the fact that you’re playing a “real person,” there is a harnessing of what your version of the person at this time of their life — on this day, at this moment — is going to be. Mrs. Marley has a voice that is a much higher pitch than mine, and I tried my best to get my voice up slightly. Then I realized that I didn’t sound as authentic as I needed to sound imitating her voice; I found throughout the process that it was more the energy and the spirit of the person that we were all trying to represent. So I took certain elements, like the way in which she walks and certain looks that she has — and, of course, the way that she dances, because she dances so fiercely onstage — that helped me find a gateway into who she is.

What is it that stands out for you about Bob’s music and his message?

That’s a big question . . . He’s an excellent representative of an icon that just happens to “be.” Yes, the message was “peace, love, unity for all, crossing all boundaries and borders” — but also, there was a different level of sensitivity and authenticity that he brought to everything. You could hear it in his voice. You could hear it in his lyricism. The younger generations that are going to watch this movie, if they’ve never heard of Bob Marley before, you can listen to one song and it sums up exactly where he was in that moment writing it, recording it, releasing it. He’s just such an influence in culture in general . . . It’s like a one-stop shop for how to bring meaning to your life and others.

You’ve already, so early on, crossed a staggering number of items off the acting bucket list: superhero movie, Bond movie, music biopic . . . What’s your secret?

That’s an interesting way of putting it! I think when you come into the industry, you find what your lane is. If it works for you, you roll with it. If it doesn’t, you try and reshape it. When I left drama school, I was determined not to be “typecast” in any way. I get bored quite easily, and I need to do new things to challenge myself, and to make me feel as though I’m part of something that is going to shift parameters and move the needle forward. I’m a creator that wants to come to work and think, “I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but I trust that it’s going to be fine — and that’s because it’s very different to my last experience.” I’m really grateful for the journey that I’ve been on — everything that you’ve mentioned and then some. It’s a journey that has taught me to be the artist that I am today.

Bob Marley: One Love is now available to buy or rent on digital. Available on Blu-Ray & DVD Tuesday, May 28


One of Hollywood’s rising stars, this London native has accomplished a lot in her short career to date — with appearances in multiple Marvel blockbusters as fighter pilot Maria Rambeau; Daniel Craig’s final Bond flick No Time to Die playing the new 007, Agent Nomi; plus, historical action epic The Woman King and Matilda the Musical.


Lynch has continued her hot streak in 2024, starring as Rita Marley — wife and fellow musician of Bob Marley (Kingsley Ben-Adir). One of the year’s breakout films, this biopic opens in the ’70s, as the reggae icon risks his life to stage a peace concert in war-torn Jamaica. Bob Marley: One Love is now available for digital purchase/rental on-demand.

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