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MaryLand on Masterpiece on PBS. Pictured: Recently widowed Richard (George Costigan) and daughter Becca (Suranne Jones).

Maryland on Masterpiece  Two sisters discover their mother’s secret life in new PBS miniseries Life’s tide brings two estranged sisters ashore the Isle of Man to look into their mother’s sudden death in MaryLand, a new three-part drama. Suranne Jones (Gentleman Jack) and Eve Best (Nurse Jackie) star as sisters Becca and Rosaline, whose paths have diverged…

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Guilt on Masterpiece on PBS. Pictured: Max McCall (Mark Bonnar) faces a whole new threat in the third season.

Guilt on Masterpiece  Buckle up for the final season of Scottish crime dramedy Guilt Two brothers whose guilty consciences have chased them through two seasons of dark hijinks finally face their past in the third and final season of darkly funny Scottish crime drama Guilt. Mark Bonnar (Catastrophe) and Jamie Sives (Annika) star as brothers Max and…

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The Express Way With Dulé Hill on PBS. Pictured: Actor Dulé Hill takes viewers on a journey to places in America where art intersects with activism.

The Express Way With Dulé Hill  Actor Dulé Hill takes viewers on a creative, artistic journey in new docuseries The Express Way From sea to shining sea, Americans express their creativity, and the new, four-part documentary series The Express Way With Dulé Hill looks at the ways self-expression and creativity are intertwined. Featuring artists from four different corners of the…

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The Invisible Shield on PBS. Pictured: Cartoon warning of the perils of vaccination, circa 1892.

The Invisible Shield

New PBS series The Invisible Shield examines how public health makes modern life possible Inspired by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and rooted in the history of healthcare systems worldwide, PBS’s new documentary series, The Invisible Shield, explores the intricacies of public safety and global health. For the first time, as if by magic,…

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Alice & Jack on Masterpiece on PBS. Pictured: The intertwining lives of two lovers (Domhnall Gleeson and Andrea Riseborough) play out over the span of 15 years in Alice & Jack.

Alice & Jack on Masterpiece

A long-lasting and complex romance unfolds in Alice & Jack PBS’s Masterpiece showcase has brought viewers numerous love stories over the decades, but it’s safe to say they haven’t seen anything like Alice & Jack. Starring Domhnall Gleeson (Run) and Andrea Riseborough (To Leslie), the six-episode series created by Mad About You and Mad Men…

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