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Love & Translation

Worlds collide in TLC’s new relationship-based reality series Love & Translation

Can true love transcend the language barrier? That’s the question behind Love & Translation, the latest relationship-focused reality series for TLC. Joining a roster of similarly themed shows such as the 90 Day franchise, Sister Wives and Match Me Abroad, Love & Translation follows three young American bachelors as they travel to a tropical locale. There, they will expand their dating pool by meeting women from various countries around the globe — women who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, drastically different from what these globetrotting singles are used to.

Worlds collide in TLC’s new relationship-based reality series Love & Translation. The three singles looking for love in the inaugural season of Love & Translation (L-R): Kahlil, 24, Dylan, 21, and Tripp, 30.

“American bachelors travel to paradise where they will be joined by 12 women from nine different countries who don’t speak any English,” a press release for the new series explains. “Without a shared language or the use of a translator, this series explores how singles looking for love come together in the attempt to find a connection. In spending time together and focusing on getting to know one another, Love & Translation will showcase raw, genuine moments in a unique dating environment.”

The release continues: “With challenges that include utilizing the five senses, such as uninterrupted eye-gazing and pheromone attraction tests, as well as adrenaline-pumping group date activities, these singles will try to learn about each other without the gift of language. And if the singles aren’t feeling that loving feeling with anyone, they can pack up their bags and look for love elsewhere.”

Worlds collide in TLC’s new relationship-based reality series Love & Translation. ET Canada alum Sangita Patel hosts.

During this first season, the American singles taking on this international dating challenge include: Kahlil, a 24-year-old Texan; Tripp, 30, who hails from California; and Dylan, 21, who calls Florida home. This trio of daters will meet singles from countries ranging from Brazil to South Korea, with potential partners ranging over a decade in age, from 20 to 32 years old: Jhenyfer, 24 (Brazil); Tulay, 25 (Germany); Sara, 20 (Italy); Imane, 21 (Morocco); Airi, 20 (Japan); Leidi, 28 (Colombia); Yam, 29 (Mexico); Gisele, 29 (Brazil); Joceline, 28 (France); Assia, 21 (France); Jin, 32 (South Korea); and Jhuliana, 23 (Bolivia).

Love & Translation airs Sunday, January 21, on TLC

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