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Hungry for Nostalgia

A quarter-century later, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunite for a sequel to their 1997 comedy Good Burger

It’s been more than 25 years since Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell last portrayed burger-flipping duo Dexter and Ed in the 1997 comedy, Good Burger, and now they’re back with a long-awaited sequel.

Dexter and Ed first met at their summer restaurant job in a hit segment on the teen sketch comedy series from Nickelodeon, All That, which debuted in 1994. Employees at Good Burger, the pair always managed to make a mess of things while trying to serve customers. The first film saw Dexter and Ed contend with a new burger joint in town, Mondo Burger, which employed some questionable tactics
to best its competition.


In addition to Thompson and Mitchell reprising their roles, there are some other Good Burger cast members joining the sequel. Josh Server (The Final Rose) returns as Good Burger co-worker Fizz, Lori Beth Denberg (Maurice on Mars) is customer Connie Muldoon and Carmen Electra (Book of Fire) is former Mondo Burger mastermind Roxanne.

The sequel sees Ed pick Dexter up in a burger-themed ride after his invention proves to be a failure. With a minor fender bender in the rearview, the two pull into Good Burger, where Dexter is welcomed back to his old job with open arms. The happy reunion is short-lived, however, as corporate America has come for Good Burger’s business. Eager to upgrade both himself and the restaurant, Dexter’s big ideas set Good Burger on a collision course with seemingly unstoppable technological advancements in fast-food customer service.

Good Burger 2 also stars Lil Rel Howery (Vacation Friends 2) and Jillian Bell (Fool’s Paradise) as two slick Mega Corp executives looking to replace human Good Burger employees with robot replicas. The corporate world once again has it out for Good Burger, leaving Dexter and Ed no choice but to band together with the rest of their co-workers to keep their beloved restaurant the special place that it is.


In the trailer for the film, Bell’s character menacingly leans in to threaten Ed, saying, “We’re going to change the world,” at the counter of the robot testing facility. She’s promptly hit in the face with a burger by a malfunctioning roboserver, so maybe Dexter and Ed have a chance to save Good Burger after all.

Also featured are Ed’s numerous mishaps in managing the restaurant. He sticks his hand in a customer’s drink, uses janitorial items to fix the milkshake machine, tosses an order in the face of someone inquiring about veggie burgers and confuses the city of Hong Kong for several unrelated things in a meeting at the Mega Corp offices.

Joining the sequel are Kamaia Fairburn (Blockbuster), Alex R. Hibbert (Moonlight), Fabrizio Guido (Mr. Iglesias), Elizabeth Hinkler (Tiny Beautiful Things), Emily Hinkler (Follow Me) and Anabel Graetz (The Greatest Beer Run Ever).

While the original movie featured cameos from the likes of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, funk music innovator George Clinton and comedian Sinbad, Good Burger 2 carries on that tradition with appearances from Nailed It host Nicole Byer, former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, standup comedian and The Rookie actor Flula Borg, billionaire businessman and Shark Tank panelist Mark Cuban and social media comedian Matt Friend.

Good Burger 2 airs Wednesday, November 22 on Paramount+

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